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  • foil board insulation

  • foil board insulation

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  • foil faced insulation board

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Foil-clad glass wool

Foil board insulation, also known as Foil-faced fiberglass, Foil-Faced fiberglass insulation. In order to maximize the effectiveness of glass wool, Huamei developed aluminum-faced glass wool. Aluminum-surfaced glass wool can reflect heat, reduce heat energy transfer, prevent water vapor in the air from penetrating into the glass wool, reduce additional physical damage, improve the service life and performance of the glass wool, and meet customer needs.

●Customized service: Provide different aluminum-faced glass wool

●Payment method: TT, small amount LC

●Packaging: PE, PP bags, vacuum packaging

●Delivery time: 5-7 days

Product Description

Glass Wool With Aluminium Foil | Short Delivery Time

Foil board insulation is made of flame retardant glass wool with pure aluminum foil laminated directly to both sides, forming excellent insulation, thermal insulation and non-permeable moisture barrier.

The foil-faced glass wool board provides excellent heat, moisture, and air control to protect the building's facade and, when installed correctly, eliminates all major thermal bridges that contribute to heat loss. With strong resistance to heat radiation and very good noise reduction, it is ideal for use in high-temperature environments boilers, reaction vessels, tanks, pipelines high temperature workshops, etc., power, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Provide customized Foil-clad glass wool

Huamei Group can provide different aspects of glass wool, including various types of foil-clad products, such as sandwich aluminum foil veneer, perforated aluminum foil veneer, and colored aluminum foil laminated glass wool; non-aluminum-faced glass wool includes white polypropylene veneer, Black fiberglass felt veneer. The glass wool surface veneer increases the product's durability and breakdown resistance, high tensile strength, beautiful appearance, and easy construction.

NameFSK Reinforced Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass Wool BoardFSK Reinforced Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass Wool Blanket

Polypropylene Reinforced (WPSK) Cover Glass Wool

Perforated Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass Wool

Black Polypropylene Cover Glass WoolColored Aluminum Foil Laminated Glass Wool

Black Fiberglass Tissue Veneer Products

PictureFSK Reinforced Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass Wool BoardFSK Reinforced Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass Wool BlanketPolypropylene Reinforced (WPSK) Cover Glass WoolPerforated Aluminum Foil-Clad Glass WoolBlack Polypropylene Cover Glass WoolColored Aluminum Foil Laminated Glass WoolBlack Fiberglass Tissue Veneer Products

Significant advantages:

1. Unique technology: up to 99.2% resilience after compression packing

2. Soft, long glass fibers minimize constructionally

3. Sound absorption and noise reduction, effectively preventing sound transmission

4. Class A1 non-combustible material

5. Easy to construct and cut at will

6. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging and anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment

7. Low hygroscopicity and stable physical properties.

Glass Wool With Aluminium Foil


Rigid glass fiber insulation panels are used as thermal insulation for heating pipes and equipment. The glass fiber panels are designed for systems that operate below ambient temperatures and require protection from moisture. Rigid glass fiber insulation panels are ideally suited for commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning, and electrical and process equipment. Specific applications are: insulation of steel buildings, insulation of house walls and roofs to save energy. For interior partition walls, train carriages, refrigeration and high-rise buildings requiring fire, heat and sound insulation

●Insulation sheathing for external and internal walls, for walls framed with wood or steel nails. Insulation required for interior applications

●External or internal CI (continuous insulation) for cmu/block/concrete wall systems. Insulation required for interior applications

●External CI (continuous insulation) for installation on timber or plaster sheathing

Used over existing cladding to improve energy efficiency and to provide a horizontal surface prior to the installation of new cladding

glass wool aluminium foil

If you would like to order our foil-faced insulation boards in bulk, please feel free to contact us for special shipping promotions.

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