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  • Foil-clad XPS

Foil-clad XPS

Product Description

Huamei XPS Extruded Board is a good deadening product. It effectively absorbs various vibrations and noises produced from the system, maintaining comfort of the environment. At the same time, as a energy- saving product, its excellent heat preservation and pressure strength properties allows it to provide more advantageous conditions for the air ducts of air conditioners. As compared with other types of air ducts, such as phenomenon composite air duct,polyurethane composite air duct and glass fiber composite air duct, Huamei XPS Extruded Composite Air Duct has the flowing advantages:

1. Environment- friendly;

2. light in weight and beautiful in appearance;

3. frost proof, endurable;

4, sound isolating and energy saving;

5. simple production and low cost,

Foil-clad XPS

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