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Rock Wool

Huamei rock wool is mainly made of selected high-quality basalt, dolomite, and other raw materials, which are melted into a solution at a stable high temperature above 1450 ℃. It is spun into fibers through high-speed centrifugation using an internationally advanced four roller centrifuge, supplemented by an appropriate amount of binder, dustproof oil, and hydrophobic agent. Under the guidance of negative pressure wind, it is evenly adsorbed on the surface of the cotton collection equipment. After being laid on the conveyor belt through the pendulum method process, the rock wool fibers are fed into a three-dimensional wrinkling machine, After being pressurized and solidified in a curing furnace, the cured product is cut to form products of different specifications and purposes.

Actively responding to national environmental policies, Huamei rock wool production line adopts clean energy and introduces advanced melting technology. The melting temperature is high and constant, and the flow rate is more uniform, which is conducive to centrifuge fiber formation. At the same time, the slag ball content is low and the fiber is thinner, better ensuring the tensile and compressive strength of rock wool products; The product has a higher iron oxide content and a higher refractory temperature compared to traditional processes; And it has eliminated the emissions of pollutants such as sulfides and nitrides, reducing air pollution.

According to specific engineering project requirements, the product can be widely used in building exterior wall insulation, curtain wall, industrial and civil building roof insulation, building partition wall insulation and noise reduction, composite sandwich panels, marine bulkheads, fire door core panels, and various industrial, ship, pipeline, and storage tank insulation projects.

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