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  • class 1 insulation rubber foam

  • class 1 insulation rubber foam

  • class 1 insulation rubber foam

  • class 1 insulation rubber foam

Class1 Rubber Foam

Rubber foam

Huamei soft rubber foam insulation products, like class 1 insulation rubber foam, have such perfect performances as soft, anti-bending, cold-resistant, heat-resisting, fire-blocking, water-proof, low thermal conductivity, shake-reduction and sound-absorption. And every performance index is better than national standard. Rubber foam can be widely used in central air-conditioning, construction, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, textile process, metallurgy, boat, vehicle, electrical apparatus and other fields which are using many kinds of cold or hot medium piping and containers to reduce cold or heat loss.

Product Description

class 1 insulation rubber foam is the powerhouse of materials. It is soft, durable, flexible and highly resistant to a variety of hazards, including ozone, sunlight, oxidation, air, water and many chemicals. Even its colour does not show dirt easily and it maintains a clean appearance even when used. These properties make rubber foam suitable for a range of applications including sports padding, insulation, and as a sound insulation solution where vibration suppression is required.

Rubber foam feature

Low conductivity factor

The conductivity factor is a very important index to measure the heat-insulation effect of the heat-preservation material. The lower the conductivity factor is, the better the heat-insulation performance will be. The conductivity factor of this material is 0.034w/m• k at an average temperature 0 ℃ . As this product has high surface heat liberation rate, using the product with a thinner thickness can get the same heat preservation result as the traditional heat-preservation material at the same environmental conditions.

Good fire-blocking

According to fie-proof regulations of building design and fie-proof regulations of higher living building, the heat-preservation material used in piping and equipment should adopt the fie-blocking or non-combustion materials. This material contains a lot of fie-blocking and smoking-reducing raw materials. The smoking concentration generated from fire is very low. It shall not be melted when touched with fire and no any burning balls will be fallen down. The material has self-extinguishing characteristic. The specification of Huamei class 1 product is better than the national standard which used for burning products of construction filds. The burning performance of the product is not lower than C grade according to GB8624-2012 classifiation for burning behavior of building materials and products,ensuring safe and reliable

Closed pore foaming , good damp-proof property

Huamei Rubber Foam Insulation owes perfect aperture-closing foam structure, all apertures are independent each other. The nonconnected air bubble forms the closed air layer that can enhance the heat-insulation performance efficiently, meanwhile the independent aperture-closing structure of can form much hindrance to moisture, even if the surface of the material was damaged, It also can prevent the water vapor into the inner material, so that maintaining the long-term steady of the heat-insulation effect at the same condition; the conductivity factor of water is 24 times higher than air' s, while the non-aperture-closing structure is in reverse.

Vibration resistance

Huamei Brand Rubber Plastic Heat-Insulating & Heat-preservation Material has high elasticity, can reduce the vibration and resonate of the hot/cold water pipes in use in the largest degree.

Good pliability

Huamei Brand Rubber Foam insulation materials have good flexibility and tenacity which makes it easy to handle bent and irregular pipe in construction, saving both labor and material.

Beautiful appearance, easy to install

Because of the good softness, this product is easy to be installed.Tube Installing: The tubes can be installed after assembling or cut up them longitudinally and bind them with glue. With completed parts such as valve, three-way connection and elbow pipe, cut sheet material up and wrap those completed parts with the cut plate according to different shapes and then bind them together. That installing method guarantees the tightterial has smooth and straight surface as that of rubber and excellent performances, it is not needed to insert sealing layer or prevention layer, reducing the trouble in the construction and also guarantee that the installed appearance is beautiful and smooth. During the time of maintenance of equipment and pipe, the rest cut out from the material can be reused, which has the same performance.

Other advantages

Huamei Rubber Foam insulation Heat-Insulating & Heat-preservation Material can be used safely. Our products neither stimulate the skin nor harm health. The product can prevent mould from growing. They have excellent performance of acid-resisting and alkaliresisting. Because of those excellent performances, Huamei Rubber Foam insulation Heat-Insulating & Heat-preservation Material has become as an ideal heat-insulating material to protect pipe and tubes against environmental corrosion.

Class 1 Mlex Rubber Foam Insulation

Class 1 rubber foam pipe

Class 1 Mlex Rubber Foam Insulation

Class 1 rubber foam sheet

DensityKg/m3≤95GB/T 6343
FlammabilityB1Oxygen index%≥32GB/T 2406
SDR——≤75GB/T 8627

Material should be better than grade C when using in building fields.
Conductivity factor
Average temperature
GB/T 10294
Water vapor permeabilityoefficicentg/(m•s•pa)≤2.8×10-11GB/T  17146-1997
Water absorption ratio in vacuum%≤10GB/T 17794-2008
Dimension stability
105±3℃, 7d
%≤10GB/T 8811
Crack resistanceN/cm≥2.5GB/T 10808
Compression resilience ratio
Compression ratio 50%
Compression time 72h
%≥70GB/T 6669-2001
Ozone pressure 202mpa 200h
——Not crackingGB/T 7762
Aging resistance 150h——Slightly crumpling , no cracks, no pin holes,not deformingGB/T 16259
Temperature-40℃ —110℃GB/T17794
Note: The quality indexes of grade B2 products are in accordance with Class Ⅱ, GB/T17794—2008Preformed Flexible Elastomeric cellular thermal insulation,used in the non-construction field .

What is rubber foam used for?

Rubber foam is used in a variety of applications. rubber foam is most commonly used in sports equipment and padding, insulation, caulking in masonry and concrete work, gaskets and sound insulation.

How is rubber foam manufactured?

Rubber foam is usually produced when a gas blowing agent is applied to a liquid mixture, which may contain substances such as polyols, water and colouring agents or flame retardant additives. Eventually, through this process, the mixture cures into the familiar rubber foam.

Is rubber foam a good insulator?

Due to its molecular structure, rubber foam is a good insulator. It consists of small, closed pockets of gas. It is therefore difficult for air, water or sound to pass through it. When certain rubber foams are insulated with foam rubber, heat and cold air will have a hard time escaping through the walls, which helps to regulate the temperature as needed.

What is rubber foam used for?

Rubber foam is used in a variety of applications. rubber foam is most commonly used in sports equipment and padding, insulation, caulking in masonry and concrete work, gaskets and sound insulation.

rubber foam high-quality foam is a soft, pliable and durable form-fitting foam rubber that provides good insulation and moisture resistance. It is resistant to ozone, sunlight, oxidation, many chemicals and petroleum derivatives. Neoprene is resistant to decomposition by water and air and can be insulated by virtue of its unique molecular structure.

Practical applications for rubber foam high-quality foam are in sports equipment such as gloves, waders, wetsuits and knee and elbow pads. In industrial production, it is used as insulation in masonry and concrete work, as expansion joint filler and as a filler support sealant in traffic-bearing joints. Neoprene high-quality foam can also be used as a sound barrier within or on the surface of walls, ceilings or floors, and is most effective when used as a component of a multi-story construction scheme.

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HUAMEI Rubber foam

We offer rubber foam sheets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so that you can get the option that best suits your needs. We also offer rubber foam, which is thinner and ideal for more specialist projects. If our standard sizes do not meet the needs of your specific application, please contact us for more information on cutting rubber foam into custom sizes.

We can also offer a wide range of rubber foam material grades. This ensures that you always get the best material for your specific application. Common rubber foam grades include: conductive, high temperature and flame retardant.

rubber foam can utilize a variety of conversion tools and techniques to achieve the format and finish you require. We can supply all rubber foam materials, including sheets, rolls and strips. We also cut foam to the right size.

Custom cut rubber foam available!

We can cut high-quality rubber foam in custom sizes for any project you may have! Contact us for rubber foam details.

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