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What Is the Difference between Sponge Rubber and Rubber Foam?

Jun. 20, 2022

It is difficult for the average consumer to tell the difference between sponge rubber and foam rubber. This is because the two terms are often used interchangeably, but their applications are very different considering their molecular structure and benefits to the user. Rubber foam supplier has broken down the differences between them, common applications and industries to help in the decision-making process when choosing the right material for your project.

Rubber foam

Rubber foam is an inflatable structure, usually made of polyurethane or latex (PVC). Because its compartments are structurally rigid, it excels at being a sound and/or physical impact damper. This is why one of its main uses is in the manufacture of mattresses, as foam rubber is known for its durability, aging resistance and longevity. It is also lightweight, has excellent cushioning properties and is buoyant.

Other common applications are glass protection and transport mats, sun visors, equipment gaskets and gaskets, and dust seals for domestic use.

Sponge rubber

There are two main types of sponge rubber, commonly referred to as closed-cell and open-cell, and are most commonly made from polyethylene foam.


Closed-cell sponge rubber does not allow water, air, dust and other chemicals to pass through its closed, airtight pockets. It has excellent UV resistance and, because of its closed-cell properties, is ideal for outdoor applications in both hot and cold environments. It is also very durable, which means that it ages well and does not degrade over time.

Due to its low absorption properties, closed cell sponge rubber is ideal for applications where maintaining structural integrity is critical, such as in fenders and buoyancy aids in the marine and floating body industries.

Rubber Foam


It is both an insulator and a material that prevents water absorption, and it is very effective as a gap filler. Not to mention its ability in noise and vibration attenuation and its use in cushioning. Closed-cell polyethylene is often used for aircraft seats in the aviation and aerospace industries due to its durability, comfort and lightweight properties.


Sponge rubber or foam is more commonly used in our everyday applications as consumers. Open pores have open, interconnected pockets that allow water, air and other chemicals to pass through when the foam rubber is not compressed. This means that open-cell sponge rubber is often used in applications where such elements need to be absorbed.

Open-cell sponge rubber absorbs liquids and then traps them until they are compressed. Consider it for use in general-purpose sponges, sponge cloths, kitchen towels, foundation applicators, water filtration, and more.

However, this is not the only use, as open-cell sponges are also particularly suitable for sealing and cushioning between uneven and irregular depths. The material is extremely soft, very supple, durable, UV and weather-resistant and have excellent thermal properties in both hot and cold temperatures.

When compressed open-cell sponge rubber provides an airtight seal, it can also be laminated to form a tape for complex gap filling.


Open-cell sponge rubber is used as a replacement in many industries such as construction and building, aerospace and aviation, packaging and protection, automotive and transport, beauty and healthcare and glass and glazing.

Advantages of rubber foam

Meteryflex rubber foam insulation materials have used the equipment which introduced of foreign high-tech equipment, with the in-depth study, developing more superior performance rubber insulation materials. This product is no fiber dust, formaldehyde-free, without Chlorofluorocarbon ( CFC ) and other ozone-depleting substances, with smaller and more even cells, having a stronger tear strength and higher flexibility. 

Greater extent to improve the product's performance, and achieve better environmental protection and energy-saving effect. These products are always green surface (also could customer design colors) and smooth surface which is not easy to gather dust, no smell, healthier environment.

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