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What Are the Characteristics of Glass Wool in Building Installation?

Apr. 22, 2022

When it comes to glass wool insulation, many people first think of either air conditioners or radiators; or down jackets, warm clothes, and even the stove and the little sun. These are things that people usually use to heat, so if it is a building and does the machine need heat insulation? At this time, glass wool is needed. Glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber and is an artificial inorganic fiber. 

Glass wool is a material that melts molten glass to form cotton. Its chemical composition is glass. It is an inorganic fiber. It has a good shape, small bulk density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good sound absorption, and corrosion resistance. Chemical properties are stable. What are the characteristics of glass wool in building installation? Glass Wool manufacturer will come and tell you.

  Glass Wool    

Glass Wool 

1: Seismic performance of the structure

This glass wool properties are very important in addition to the building's thermal insulation. If the house can withstand a certain vibration performance during an earthquake, it can ensure certain personnel safety. Because the fiber inside the glass wool is thin and long, the overall structure has High strength, excellent tensile and seismic performance, not easy to sag, fall, or collapse.

2: Construction and installation performance

I often see many migrant workers working on construction sites, which is very hard and not very safe. Because Glass Wool's fiber is very thin and does not contain slag balls, it can avoid scratching or itching irritation to the constructor. Because it is light and easy to cut and guarantees that any cutting surface is uniform, it can improve installation efficiency and save labor costs Shorten the installation period and make workers safer.

In any case, life and property safety is the most important for people. The thermal insulation function of glass wool has now been well known and used by more and more people. When the performance is used reasonably, its structural shock resistance and construction and installation performance, so it can be used more widely on construction sites.

 Glass Wool

  Glass Wool     

As glass wool products are used by more and more builders in building exterior walls, do you know glass wool well? If you are not very clear, the following is a list of relevant glass for our company's technical staff Some characteristics of cotton, hope to help you understand the relevant characteristics of glass wool products. Glass wool has excellent properties such as lightweight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, easy adhesion with other substrates, and no melting droplets during combustion. It is widely used in European and American countries for roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows are used as thermal insulation materials.

In addition, there is are High-temperature Glass Wool, etc., refractory glass wool is light, durable, and has good insulation properties. It is usually used in power plant flue heating ducts and steam ducts. At present, about 49% of the building insulation materials in Europe and the United States, and other developed countries are glass wool insulation materials, and the proportion of glass wool insulation materials in China exceeds 75%.

The above is the application characteristics of glass wool in the construction industry, I hope to help everyone.

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