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Precautions For Glass Wool Construction

Jan. 06, 2020

What preparations need to be done before construction? What problems should be paid attention to during the construction of glass wool? The Glass Wool Manufacturer will tell you below.

The first is the preparation before glass wool construction. According to the technical requirements of the project, a trivial supplier was selected before construction. Trivial component materials were accepted after passing the site and passed the test in time under the witness of the supervision unit. After the materials are retested, they will use trivial component materials to make the external wall insulation sample wall. The sample wall reflects the method of posting the insulation board, how to control the posted area, disposition of the board seams, treatment of the yin and yang corners, the method and quantity of anchor fixing, and the amount of adhesive. Proportioning and manipulation, proportioning and manipulation of surface mortar, how to deal with the disadvantages of posted basement, etc.

After the construction of the model is completed, the inspection shall be suspended on site by the establishment, planning, supervision and construction unit. After passing the test, the model records shall be formed. Before construction, the operator shall be arranged to stop the model observation and make the model complete. The construction is strictly controlled according to the requirements of the model. Air-conditioning panels, window side walls, and other thermal bridges and other parts that affect the thermal insulation of the external wall are subject to the model guideline. Before construction, materials that are abnormal to the project are selected according to the requirements of this plan, and the construction of the model will be suspended. Supervision and construction units and other sites suspend inspections, and when they are qualified, they form a model record. During the construction process, construction is strictly arranged according to the model, and the model is used as the basis for inspection. In this way, the preparations for the glass wool board are ready.

Glass Wool

Glass Wool

Then start the roof construction:

1. When laying Glass Wool Batt, the veneer faces the indoor side and is perpendicular to the purlin, leaving an extra 20 cm of rolled felt on one side of the eaves, and fixed it on the outermost purlin with special clamps or double-sided tape.

2. Ensure the alignment and tension when unwinding. Lay the glass wool roll felt to the other eaves. Leave 20 cm more roll felt, and fix it on the outermost purlin with special clamps or double-sided tape.

3. The two rolls of cotton are connected by a stapler binding method on the veneer flash.

4. Install the roof color steel plate, remove the special fixture at the eaves, and use the reserved 20 cm veneer to close the glass wool.

5. Pay attention to the tension and alignment of the glass wool roll felt, and the seams between rolls are tight. When overlap is required in the longitudinal direction, the overlap joints should be installed at the row of purlins.

6. According to the needs of the project, in order to avoid the occurrence of cold bridges, you can consider padding some hard insulation materials on the purlins.

Wall construction

1. The veneer faces the indoor side, unwind from the eaves to the foot of the wall, and fix the glass wool to the bottom purlin with double-sided tape, leaving 20 cm more.

2. Cut the glass wool roll felt 20 cm above the top of the wall and fix it with double-sided tape.

3. Close the glass wool and install the color steel plate on the wall.

4. The two rolls of cotton are connected by a stapler binding method on the veneer flash.

5. Pay attention to keep Glass Wool tight, aligned, vertical, and the seams between rolls tight.

The above are the precautions for glass wool construction, I hope to help everyone.

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