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Note For High Temperature Use Of Glass Wool

Dec. 23, 2019

We all know that Glass Wool has many uses. In fact, there is a deep-processed glass wool that has more uses and is more widely used. Centrifugal glass wool is a filamentous material that is fibrillated by a centrifugal blowing process using molten glass. It also undergoes deep processing of fixed words to form a prototype of centrifugal glass wool. In this way, products of various shapes can be made, such as centrifugal glass wool rods, centrifugal glass wool tubes and centrifugal Glass Wool Batts are typical centrifugal glass wool products. It has a good sound absorption effect, is used more widely.

Glass Wool

Glass Wool

The internal structure of glass wool is fluffy, and the overall density is relatively large, which can timely dissipate the absorbed sound, and the porous nature also enhances the characteristics of noise reduction. Used in places that need quietness, it can realize people's demand for quietness, and it can better express his sound absorption ability. In addition, the surface of the glass wool is rough. When the sound waves hit the surface of the glass wool, the sound waves can propagate through the pores inside the glass wool, causing the vibration of the molecules in the air to be offset. Another point is related to the thickness of glass wool. The thicker the glass wool, the stronger the sound absorption effect, and the thinner the glass wool, the less the sound absorption, which cannot fully achieve the effect of noise reduction.

Glass wool is made of various professional technologies and uses patented centrifugation technology to melt the glass, and then it is heated. It is made of a variety of smiling glass fibers. It can not only achieve relatively good results in terms of heat insulation. Even in terms of heat insulation and prevention of noise pollution, it can be well applied, so this kind of glass wool is a very good material for structural insulation and thermal insulation to reduce noise.

So what should be paid attention to when using glass wool? The Glass Wool Manufacturer will tell you next.

I believe many people know that glass wool is a very widely used building material in the construction industry. It is processed by superb technology and has its own unique advantages. Related experimental studies have proven that glass wool is generally used in high temperature environments. Rivets will be welded on the surface of the device in advance, and then glass wool will be bound to the surface of the device with iron wires. When the temperature of the insulated device exceeds 250 ° C, pay attention to the double-layer insulation method, and pay attention to the inner and outer layers. The distance between the interface of the glass wool is away from the corresponding distance to avoid causing heat loss; however, when the temperature exceeds 400 ℃, pay attention to the thickness of the aluminum silicate in the inner layer, and the corresponding high temperature resistant glass wool is used in the outer layer. The inner and outer layers should also pay attention to the distance. When wrapping the outer layer, it not only protects the glass wool, but also plays a certain decorative role.

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