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Glass Wool Solves Noise Pollution

Mar. 09, 2020

The development of society requires the advancement of many things, and every time something useful is researched, society will make a small step forward. What kind of role a product plays has a great impact on us, and our lives also need their help.

Many people literally understand Glass Wool as a kind of cotton, in fact, it is an artificial inorganic fiber, which belongs to glass. So which features are more helpful to us? In fact, different functions can play a role in different places.

The main thing of glass wool is its sound absorption function. The noise problem is a problem that will occur in many cities now. Therefore, in order to solve these noise pollutions, people have also researched various sound insulation materials, such as glass wool, Glass Wool Pipe, etc. Especially now that there are more and more cars, no matter whether it is day or night, there are many whistle sounds. At this time, I went to install some sound-absorbing materials on the roadside, so it would not interfere with our rest at night. This is also the main role played by glass wool, which solves many noise problems in our lives. Others will install this material in their own homes, which will have a good sound insulation effect, especially at night, can have a good sleeping environment, which is too effective for people now.

Glass Wool

Glass Wool 

However, it is necessary to pay attention to open flames when stacking glass wool. During the construction, the project itself may not be exactly the same as the time when the materials arrive. Therefore, the contractor may order the materials first. After the party a determines the contract, the contractor can directly enter the factory for construction. However, during the construction phase when the materials arrive and arrive at the factory, the storage of glass wool also needs attention. If it is not stored properly, it may be damaged when it is taken out during construction, and it will not be used any longer.

When not installed, glass wool must be stored in a ventilated place, and the ground must not be damp. Dry places are more conducive to storage. In addition, in order to avoid material moisture, pay attention to rain and water resistance during transportation to avoid rainwater accumulation. Material affects material quality.

Although glass wool has a flame retardant effect, the stacking of the material itself must pay attention to open flames. If it reaches a limited high temperature, the material will also burn up and cause hidden dangers. At the same time, the stacking should not be too high. Under load-bearing conditions, the material will easily cause compression deformation. In addition, we must pay attention to the methods during the construction, and use the corresponding tools according to the situation of the construction site to ensure that the construction connection is more convenient. Preparations must be made before installation, and the double-layer must be fixedly connected with a special binding machine, and it is more convenient to install it with edging.

The above is the glass wool related information introduced by Glass Wool Manufacturer.

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