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Glass Wool Performance Advantages and Installation Points

Apr. 10, 2020

Glass Wool is based on glass and quartz sand as main raw materials, mixed with other auxiliary materials according to a certain proportion, and then sent into a glass melting furnace to be fully melted. The melted solution flows out through the leak plate and enters the centrifuge. Driven by a high-speed centrifuge, the centrifuge spins the glass into a glass stream at high speed. Under the action of a high-temperature and high-speed flame, the glass stream is further stretched into fibers, and then an atomizing binder is applied to the cotton collection net. Under the negative pressure of the belt, the fiber with the resin binder is deposited on the moving mesh belt to form a uniform Glass Wool Batts, and then undergoes a constant temperature curing oven to complete the curing process, the product is shaped, and after shaping, it is cut into after ordering the product, then package it. At present, glass wool board has become a recognized building material with excellent performance for heat insulation, heat insulation and sound absorption.

Performance advantages:

1. Thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction

The characteristics of low content of glass wool board slag ball, slender fiber, etc., can well restrain the air so that it can not flow, greatly reducing the thermal conductivity of the product, while rapidly attenuating the transmission of sound, so it has excellent thermal insulation and attraction Noise reduction effect.

2. Good thermal stability

The glass wool board has good high temperature thermal stability, durability and resistance to high temperature shrinkage. It can maintain safety, stability and high performance for a long time within the recommended use temperature range and normal working conditions.

3. Moisture resistance

Hydrophobicity refers to the ability of a material to withstand water penetration. The glass wool board achieves a water repellency rate of not less than 98%, making it more sustainable and stable.

4. Non-toxic and harmless

No asbestos, no mold, and because the centrifugal glass wool board has a soft texture and fine fibers, it will not irritate the skin during construction.

5. Simple construction

The glass wool board can be cut at will during construction.

Glass Wool

Glass Wool

Glass wool board installation and arrangement requirements:

① According to the standard full format (specification: 1200X600), spread from the bottom to the top in the horizontal direction according to 1/2 board length. Starting from the corners of the wall, the plates are staggered and connected vertically to ensure that the corners are straight and vertical. The glass wool panels at the corners of the yin and yang interlock and interlock. The glass wool at the four corners of the door and window openings should not be spliced. The whole glass wool board should be cut to form a cut perpendicular to the board surface. The same insulation board should be used to fix the corners of the wall.

② Design the laying method before using the glass wool board. Calculate the size and cut the material. The linear error of the cutting edge should be less than 5mm, the joint seam should not be greater than 2mmm, and the gap between the plates should be bonded with special tape.

③ The glass wool boards are connected to each other from top to bottom. The glass wool boards should be laid in order. When they meet the door and window openings, they should meet the requirements of the relevant atlas.

Board surface anchoring and surface treatment

① Anchoring: The depth of the installation wall of the insulation board anchor is not less than 25mm. Anchoring screw of Φ8X120mm is selected for anchoring, and an electric hammer is used to drill holes in the outer wall, the hole diameter is 10mm; the hole depth is 120-130mm (including the thickness of the insulation board), the plastic expansion bolts are installed and firm, so that the glass wool board is tight to the outer wall combine. After fastening, the anchor point should be 1 ~ 2mm below the surface of the glass wool board. Arrangement of anchor points: Anchor points are set at the four corners of the glass wool board and in the middle of the horizontal joint.

② The installation of anchor bolts has a vertical spacing of 300mm and a horizontal spacing of 400mm, and is arranged in a plum blossom shape. The corners of the base wall are encrypted to a spacing of 200mm, and meet the requirements of the design and related standards.

The above are the performance advantages and installation points of the glass wool introduced to you by Glass Wool Manufacturer.

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