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What Aspects Does the Usability of Glass Wool Reflect?

Oct. 20, 2020

In the field of architecture, the quality of a building is directly related to its material design. Therefore, when choosing building materials, There are a lot of people who will also ask the glass wool practical reflected in what aspects? Always cannot say oneself spent big price to buy after a batch of vitreous cotton, connect its use sex to highlight in what respect all do not know, the loss that oneself suffer in that way is particularly much also.

First of all, the sound insulation of glass wool is particularly good. For example, if you are decorating the boss’s office or the home, if its sound insulation is not good, it will affect everyone’s work and life, but it can be If you use glass wool, it can play a very good sound insulation effect, even if it is noisy outside, you still can't hear any noise, which can bring great convenience to life and work.

Glass Wool

Secondly, it can be cut at will, because when you buy a batch of glass wool, the size is not certain. When you use the glass wool according to your actual needs, you can naturally ensure that its usability is relatively high. But it is more suitable when applied to buildings.

Then, glass wool has good physical stability. The use of glass wool has been certified in Australia and New Zealand. The scope of use is initially determined to be used in shopping malls, industrial plants, public facilities, warehouses, exhibition centers, and various Indoor amusement parks are also widely used in buildings such as sports venues, with good thermal insulation and noise reduction effects.

Therefore, from the above, we can understand the usefulness of glass wool. If you need it, you can choose a reliable manufacturer and buy a batch of glass wool that suits your own construction unit.

Surface treatment method of glass wool board

In order to ensure a certain decorative effect, there are basically two treatments on the surface: one is to paste a plastic face paper; the other is to spray on the surface. Spraying is often made into embossed shapes, with patterns such as large flower embossing, medium flower embossing, and small dot spraying. It has many colors to choose from, and the most used one is white.

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