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Use of Glass Wool Batts

Oct. 27, 2022

Before we use the glass wool roll felt, we must have a good understanding of the product's characteristics and uses to be able to play a better role in the work. The Fibre Glass Wool Supplier can introduce it to everyone.


What is a thermal insulation material? When we understand the thermal insulation material in the industrial field, we can also understand the glass wool roll felt. In fact, the scope of application of this product is very wide, and for the weight of this product, it is Very light, so when it is used, it can be used to make workshops, and it can also be used to make insulated glass rooms. No matter what it is, it can be completely competent. Its high temperature resistance characteristics are very obvious. For this reason When we use it, we can be assured of its safety performance.


What is a glass wool roll felt? In fact, for this insulation material, it is very common in the industrial field. Of course, there are many kinds of its constituents. For example, inorganic fiber is one of the main components. In addition, it also includes lime, marble, soda ash, and so on. For this processing technology, Although it seems simple, it is actually more complicated, so for its raw materials, raw materials such as glass fiber can also play a certain sound insulation effect after melting.

When we understand the performance of glass wool roll felt, we must also compare the characteristics of its materials, such as sound insulation and heat insulation performance is the most important, and secondly it has certain antistatic and corrosion resistance characteristics. In order to better Using this product, it can also be placed on the roof when in use, which can achieve the effect of thermal insulation. It can also be placed in some places where the sound is noisy, and it can also improve the working environment. Therefore, when using it, we can choose it according to its characteristics.


Judging from the characteristics of Glass Wool Batts products, it will be found that the thermal insulation performance of the product itself is relatively unique, and the thermal insulation performance of the product is also very good. If we use this product in the construction industry, it can greatly ensure the safety of humans living in it, because its fire resistance is very good. For some buildings in downtown areas, this product can also help us play a great role, can make our lives quieter, and reduce pollution caused by noise.

 Glass Wool Batts

Glass Wool Batts

If you look at the use of glass wool roll felt, you will find that the use of the product is still very ideal, and we can tailor it at will according to our own needs during construction. If the product we choose is a veneer with aluminum foil, the moisture-proof effect of this product is also very optimistic.


Historically, the application of Glass Wool roll felt is very long, no matter what its processing technology is, how its use is different. In terms of type, there are many types of this product. For example, it can be used to make fire-resistant and high-temperature-resistant cement, and it can also be made into cotton textiles. Of course, heat insulation boards are also a very common processed product. We are using There are many aspects to consider. However, the raw materials, it is processed through glass fiber, so in addition to fire resistance, it also has a certain sound insulation effect.

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