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Teach You How to See the Quality of Extruded Board

Nov. 04, 2020

1. Look at the raw materials

The extruded board is made of polystyrene resin. But many extruded boards on the market are made from recycled materials. Rarely are BASF crystals produced. From the raw materials, the ranking of the advantages and disadvantages of extruded boards: white crystal extruded board>blue extruded board>black extruded board. There are also red and yellow extruded boards on the market, which are generally similar to blue extruded boards.

2. Look at the microstructure

One of the main USES of the extruded sheets is to use as floor heating insulation layer. The key to insulation lies in the continuous uniform surface layer and closed-cell honeycomb structure. The more uniform the pores, the better. The following three microstructures are white crystal board, blue board, and blackboard. The cells of the white crystal plate are uniform and closed. The blue plate cells are well closed. The black board has no bubbles and is basically not closed.

Extruded Board

3. See the effect of hand pressing

The following figure visually shows the effect of different extruded boards after finger pressing. The white crystal plate is basically invisible to the naked eye after pressing. A good blue board has a smaller print. The depression of the poor blue board is obvious. The blackboard was directly damaged very badly.

4. Look at the service life

The life span of a house is generally more than 50 years. If floor heating is a concealed project of a house, if it cannot have the same life span as the house, it means that it will be reinstalled during use. The test shows that the service life of the white crystal board can reach 50 years. Good blue boards can last up to 30 years, and poor blue boards generally last 15 years. The service life of the black board is generally 5 years.

5. Look at environmental protection

Do not use flame-retardant boards for home improvement extruded boards, because the flame retardant HBCD (HBCDD) is not environmentally friendly. The white crystal board is made of 100% brand new materials and is super environmentally friendly. The blue board has certain additives. The blackboard is made of recycled materials. Environmentally friendly white crystal board>blue board>black board.

6. Look at energy saving

From the floor heating structure diagram, it can be seen that the less the floor heating radiates downwards, the more energy is saved. The energy-saving properties of the three are due to the bubble: white crystal board>blue board>black board.

7. Look at bulk density

Bulk density is an important index of the extruded board directly linked to compression performance. The bulk density of the white crystal board for floor heating is 35 to 36KG/m3. The bulk density of a good blue board is also this value. However, due to the problem of the raw materials of the blue board, even if the bulk density is the same, the quality of the white crystal board is still better than that of the blue board. The bulk density of the almost blue board is about 30KG/m3. The bulk density of the black board is generally about 25KG/m3.

The above information is provided by the glass wool manufacturer.

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