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How about the foam floor for children? Are they harmful to children?

May. 09, 2020

The parents that have a child in the home should have an understanding of the floor of the children bubble, the child is small like to run casually disorderly sit, also do not care the ground is dirty, not dirty and hard not hard. In order to give the safety of the child to add a safeguard, also in order to let the child cleaner some, the adult will spread on the children's foam floor, let the child in this top heartily play. But is such a child's foam floor completely healthy? After all, it is the product that is produced, won't there be any bad effect? Let's take a deep look at it together.


The child foam floor that sells on the market at present is EVA plastic floor mostly, the main raw material is PE plastic grain, fill, foaming agent, pigment, and EVA.

PE(polyethylene) plastic, probably a lot of people know, it is a chemical plasticizer, at room temperature the chemical properties are very stable, only in the case of high-temperature heating will be broken down. Also, PE plastic products, in the process of production will add some processing AIDS, such as antioxidants, and so on, the decomposition temperature of these AIDS is relatively low, but also in the decomposition may produce some toxic substances, bring adverse effects on the human body. So, the proposal is in summer high-temperature weather or when there is floor heating in the home in winter, still do not let the child sit long on bubble floor to play, also had better not let the skin of the child contact bubble floor directly, have chemical substance, after all, have some effect to the child always.

Maybe a lot of friends at the time of purchase foam floor also found, just bought the smell of the foam floor has a big or small, and may also contain volatile organic compounds in the odor, suggest parents before using foam floor, so it's best to place them in the open air, such as odor melted away after use, it will be more health and safety. When there are children in our family, we may prepare the Class 0 Rubber Foam, which can avoid the injury of the children.

Of course, besides needing to pay more attention to besides on use, also need to go up more dim sum when the famous floor of choose and buy, choose the cold famous quality of a material is hard, the odor is small, the quality of such famous floor is a few better relatively, the harm to the child also is a few less.

How about the foam floor for children? Are they harmful to children? After reading the introduction above, I believe you already have the answers to these questions. That does not want to use the floor of the children's bubble as to, the demand of the child in the home that sees everybody, and the quality problem when the floor of choice and buy.

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