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How much do you know about the application range of glass wool?

May. 29, 2020

Glass Wool is a new type of insulation material. Due to its unique performance advantages, the insulation material market has quickly occupied a place. Today, Glass Wool Manufacturer comes to popularize the application scope (field) of centrifugal glass wool.

1. Centrifugal glass wool is the raw material for the production of centrifugal glass wool products such as centrifugal glass wool boards, roll felts, and tube shells. The centrifugal glass wool products produced are widely used in various fields such as construction, energy, transportation, etc.

Glass Wool

Glass Wool

2. Centrifugal glass wool can be made into centrifugal glass wool board as raw material, which can maintain good thermal insulation performance in any environment. Xiaobian believes that it has broad application prospects.

3. The surface of the centrifugal glass wool can be pasted with aluminum foil, glass cloth, etc. While achieving thermal insulation performance, it can also be thermally insulated, moisture-proof, and has a certain decorative effect.

4. The centrifugal glass wool roll felt is a coil made to meet the needs of large-area laying. In addition to good thermal insulation performance, the roll felt also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics, which is conducive to reducing noise pollution. To improve our working environment.

5. The most important thing is that the centrifugal glass wool can be arbitrarily cut according to the needs of users during the construction process. And it will not destroy its thermal insulation performance.

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