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Application Field of Extruded Board

Aug. 06, 2020

The extruded board is a high-quality and cheap construction insulation material in the construction industry. It can not only be used as wall insulation but also has an excellent performance in other aspects. The following extruded board manufacturers will tell you what are the application areas of extruded boards?

1. The extruded board can be used as floor installation auxiliary material

The floor mat used in the floor mats installed in the suspended floor is extruded board. Its paving is very convenient and can prevent the floor from being damp, deformed, and moth-eaten. The sound insulation and heat preservation effects are also very obvious, and you can feel a little softness when you step on the floor, which is very comfortable. Using this kind of extruded board mat to pave the floor can protect the ground from damage. It can be used when installing composite flooring, solid wood multilayer flooring, and solid wood paint-free and planer-free flooring.

Plastic Extruded Board

2. Make a composite air-conditioning duct

The core material of the extruded composite air-conditioning duct used in many air-conditioners is made of special extruded board. The production cost of this type of duct is relatively low, the weight is relatively light, the heat preservation ability is very reliable, and the installation is very The exposed part of the air duct will not affect the appearance of the building. When concealed installation, the height of the ceiling should be increased as much as possible to make full use of the space. It is very suitable in some shopping malls, offices, and other buildings.

3. It can be used as a color steel sandwich panel

Compared with the color steel sandwich panel made of extruded board and the core material made of polyurethane, the extruded board can not only effectively improve the shear force, waterproof ability and heat preservation time of the sandwich panel, but also reduce the cost. Expenditure is a very good green energy-saving building material.

4. Suitable for use in the purification workshop

The raw material of the extruded board is mainly made of polystyrene. During the production process, it is made of a new type of board with various excellent formulations and special technology. It has the characteristics of long-lasting heat preservation and heat insulation, non-toxicity, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, no bacteria generation, and excellent flame retardant performance, which is especially suitable for the construction of purification workshop.


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