Rock wool insulation blanket with chicken wire mesh manufacturer

Light resin bond Huamei brand
Light resin bond Huamei brand
Light resin bond rock wool HUAMEI BARND
Light resin bond rock wool HUAMEI BARND
Light resin bond rock wool Huamei
Light resin bond rock wool Huamei

Technology Data of Rock Wool:

Rock Wool Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Density (kg/m³) Temperature              ℃
Board 1200-2400 600,1200 40-100 60-200 700-850
Blanket 1000-3000 600,1200 40-100 60-100


What’s rock wool?

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are mainly made of natural stone. The selected stone are melted in a cupola at approximately 1450℃, and the molten lava is fiberized by a spinner. The fibers are then coated with a thermosetting binder which bonds the fibers into a mat.The mat is then cut into suitable sizes for ease of handling and installation. Other products such as wired blanket, pipe cover or faced products are produced by secondary processes.


Usage of rock wool?

Though the individual fibers conduct heat very well, when pressed into rolls and sheets, their ability to partition air makes them excellent insulators and sound absorbers.Though not immune to the effects of a sufficiently hot fire, the fire resistance of fiberglass, stone wool, and ceramic fibers makes them common building materials when passive fire protection is required, being used as spray fireproofing, in stud cavities in drywall  assemblies and as packing materials in firestops.

Other uses are in resin bonded panels, as filler in compounds for gaskets, in brake pads, in plastics in the automotive industry, as a filtering medium, and as a growth medium in hydroponics.

Mineral fibers are produced in the same way, without binder. The fiber as such is used as a raw material for its reinforcing purposes in various applications, such as friction materials, gaskets, plastics, and coatings.


Production and Loading

Huamei resin bonded panel
Huamei resin bonded panel
Huamei rock wool panel
Huamei rock wool panel













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