Nice quality closed cell rubber foam products for heat insulation material

Rubber foam with adhesive

What’s closed cell foam ?

Closed cell foam is defined as a cell totally enclosed by its walls and hence not interconnecting with other cells. Closed cell foam is usually made by subjecting a rubber compound to a gas, such as nitrogen, under high pressure. This type of foam may also be made by incorporating gas-forming materials into the compound.

Closed cell foam offers a wide variety of material and density options. EPDM ,neoprene , EPDM/CR/SBR, and PVC/NBR are a few common types of closed cell foams, which can range in densities from 6 lb/ft3 (soft) to 19 lb/ft3 (hard).

This type of material is ideal for sealing as it effectively reduces liquid and gas flow. Closed cell foam is also ideal for industries in which liquid resistance is critical, such as marine, HVAC, and automotive.

Huameiflex rubber foam insulation

Huameiflex insulation materials are engineered with the highest standard. Our closed cell characteristic is the key component to an effective insulator by providing a barrier between the pipe’s surface and atmospheric conditions.

  • Low thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance:
    Huameiflex’s insulation materials are produced with a high percentage of closed cells.
  • Superior fire performance:
    Huameiflex’s insulation materials are available in Class 1, Class 0 and FM Approved. In addition, Huameiflex insulation materials have a high oxygen index.
  • Continuous commitment to provide the best:
    Huameiflex invests in R&D and are striving to further enhance its formulation to provide the best insulation solution.
  • Fast and easy installation:
    Huameiflex insulation materials are very flexible allowing installers to fabricate, cut to specific shapes, sizes and fittings for fast and efficient installations.
  • Low allergen:
    Unlike other types of insulation products, Huameiflex insulation materials are dust and fiber free which do not present any health related hazards.
  • Eco Friendly:
    Huameiflex materials have zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP), zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Applying Huameiflex Insulation materials properly also helps to reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and heating units.
  • Aesthetically pleasing:
    Although Huameiflex’s insulation materials are mainly black in color, the surface of the skin is smooth presenting a respectable finish on any given job type. Color products are also available.

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