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Fire Proofing Sound Proofing Materials
1.rubebr foam sheet can print youself logo
2. rubber foam sheet with self-adhesive kraft
3.rubber foam sheet with pure aluminium foil clad on one side

What is a sound absorbing board

Sound absorbing board is an ideal decorative material for sound absorption. Has the advantages of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardance, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, easy dust removal, easy cutting, flower splicing, simple construction, good stability, good impact resistance, good independence, high cost performance and the like, has rich and various colors to choose from, and can meet the sound absorption and decoration requirements of different styles and levels.

Product use

Sound – absorbing textile mills and noise – exceeding workshops for acoustic venues such as concert halls, theaters, recording rooms, studios, listening rooms, conference rooms, stadiums, exhibition halls, dance halls, KTV rooms, family movie and television hall factories, mute rooms, courts, reporting rooms, interrogation rooms, and sound-absorbing wallboard and ceiling boards for large public buildings.


The rubber-plastic sound-absorbing plate is divided into an open-hole sound-absorbing plate and a closed-hole sound-absorbing plate according to the plane and the concave-convex surface. The surface of the perforated sound absorbing plate is flat and relatively heavy. One side of the closed-cell sound-absorbing plate is uneven and the other side is flat. it can be pasted with adhesive and is relatively light.


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