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Glass wool is considered to be the most effective, and environmentally friendly insulation product to use as it is non-combustable, and meets the requirements for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

HUAMEI ENERGY-SAVING TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO.,LTD manufactures a comprehensive range of glass wool insulation products that provide thermal, acoustic and fire performance in a wide variety of applications.

Glass wool is produced from a combination of up to 80% recycled glass, naturally occurring silica sand and fluxing agents resulting in a product that has Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and no CFC’s or HCFC’s are produced in the process. 

What is glass wool?

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Glass wool is made from silica sand to which recycled glass (cullet) and fluxing agents are added. The material is melted to a high temperature in an electric furnace and then conditioned in a gasfired forehearth. The fibre is formed by centrifugation through drilled circular baskets, where after, binding products and elements specific to the usage are added. The fibres are gathered in a mat for in a collection chamber and then conveyed to an oven where it is cured under controlled conditions to the required thickness and density. 

Once complete the product is then packaged in roll or batt form, and our patented process means that thanks to glass wool`s elastic properties, Huamei fiber glass wool rolls can be vacuumized packaed so it can be compressed which saves on storage and reduces transport costs.




Production Process


















Centrifugal glass wool is silk-like material made by fiberizing melted glass and then coating with thermosetting resin through centrifugal blowing process .By means of thermal setting ,this material can be further processed into series of products for multi-purpose uses ,such as glass wool board,blanket,fiberglass air-conditioning duct, air-conditioning board,refractory glass wool and so on. It has numerous advantages such as noncombustible , nontoxic and resistant to corrosion , and  low weight by volume , low thermal conductivity , stable chemical property,low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity. It is widely recognized as the heat-preservation ,thermal insulation and

sound absorption material with excellent performances .The board ,batt and pipe products made of this material have been used in heat preservation,thermal insulation and sound absorption in construction ,chemical industry,electric power ,metallurgy,energy industry and communication ,presenting very good result . 

Huamei glass wool with high quality was named as the product with provincial famous brand by provincial quality and technical supervision department, and was designated as the national power industry product. Huamei glass wool are well sold throughout China and have been exported to Europe ,USA ,Russia ,Japan ,Australia ,Southeast Asian countries by its unique performance advantages and reasonable price .The obtaining of CE certification indicates that each index of Huamei glass wool has been compliance with EU standards ,so that the products enjoy the free fow in the EU market.

Why choose Huamei fiber glass wool insulation

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Glasswool products are non-combustible and positioned for operating temperatures up to 300°C.

It is made of 80% recyclable materials

Is poses no health hazards

It is lightweight and easy to install

Glass wool will not promote mould growth or vermin infestation

It is non corrosive to metal

Huamei fiber glass wool excellent performance

                               Roof insulation material Soundproof Fiber glass Wool Blanket Acoustic Panel                                         

Excellent thermal insulation

Effective thermal insulation of ducts and pipes, and airtightness of ducts, reduces energy losses, and helps to guarantee the appropriate thermal comfort.

Great acoustic performance

Acoustic control in HVAC installations can be addressed through a combination of careful system selection and an effective insulation solution.

Indoor Air Quality

HUAMEI glass wool products ensure you a high Indoor Air Quality, key element to final clients, so that everyone feels comfortable in your installations.

Easy installation

An easy and fast installation simplifies the system training and guidance for the contractor, and thus contributes to a higher quality system.

Thin solution

Our glass wool slabs and rolls are very thin, which simplifies the installation and allows the constructor to optimize the available space.

Unique lightness

A light insulation is always a major advantage for the durability of your installation, and it is also one of glass wool’s main properties.

Active environmental protection

Glass wool is totally recyclable, and insulating your installations will allow you to reduce your energy consumption and your CO2 emissions.

Applications of glass wool insulation

                                 Roof insulation material Soundproof Fiber glass Wool Blanket Acoustic Panel                                         

Glass wool insulation products are manufactured to be applied in multiple areas of buildings. Glass wool is most commonly known for insulation in ceilings of residential buildings, but we also offer products for the following applications:

Cavity wall and dry wall insulation

HVAC and Air-conditioning system insulations

Pipe insulation

Over purlin roof insulation in commercial buildings

Suspended ceilings

Industrial roof insulation

Higher temperature insulations

Top up roof insulation

High performance sound proofing

Commercial and industrial applications

                               Roof insulation material Soundproof Fiber glass Wool Blanket Acoustic Panel                                         

                               Roof insulation material Soundproof Fiber glass Wool Blanket Acoustic Panel                                        
For more information on our technical applications in industry, HVAC and OEM ,welcome to contact us.

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