insulation Glass wool blanket with aluminium foil 10kg/m3


1.Glass wool building materials with CE 
2.Huamei Brand 
3.MOQ : one container 
5.China biggest factory

Company Information

Huamei group has been leading supplier of rubber plastic insulation materials in China.The company is located in the heartland of Beijing,     Tianjin and Hebei and the Bohai Sea economic circle, Huamei is a large conglomerate incorporating research,development,production and sales.It consists of five branches, eight industrial parks,specializing in production of rubber plastic insulation materials,centrifugal glass wool, and extruded polystyrene insulation board(XPS), ion exchange resins and other     insulation materials and chemical products.

Huamei Glass Wool Company is the biggest factory in China.It has ten production lines, and 4 factories to produce any kinds of glass wool insulation, so the delivery time is short, not only the quality but also the price are both better than the same industry.

product Description


There are the dimension of the glass wool blanket: Length:6-30m




There are the dimension of the glass wool borad:    Length:1.2m,2.3m,2.4m




The aluminium foil is available, and the dimension can be customized.


Glass wool can be cut at random according to the construction requirement.

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Glass Wool Application

1.The heat insulation and sound absorption materials for proofs(50kg/m3);
2.The building heat insulation materials;
3.Recreation place (theatre, movie theater, KTV, etc.) And the sound absorption of equipment (Computer, air pressure machine, etc.);
4.Air conditioner pipe, refrigeration, and heat insulation of refrigerating warehouses

 The Kinds of Glass Wool Insulation  

  • plain glass wool blanket 
  • glass wool blanket with Aluminum foil -clad
  • glass wool board
  • glass wool batts
  • glass wool board with white PVC clad on one side
  • glass wool with KRAFT

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Technical data 

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The Packaging of Glass Wool Insulation     

PP and PE Vacuum Packing. Different colors and OEM are available.

To increase loading quantity and reduce cost of transportation, all exported glass wool blanket would be packed vacuum. However, due to excellent rebound property, when reach the destination our glass wool will rebound almost to the original level in 24 hours after been unpacked.


 The Certificate of Glass Wool Insulation 

  • CE certificate by EU
  • ISO9001/ ISO14001/ ISO18001 certificate  
  • SGS
  • BV certificate by alibaba   
  • Australia NATA



  Other Things 

  • The payment term of glass wool : T/T , 30% advanced payment , before delivery all the goods , customers should pay for the rest of  account.
  • The delivery  port  : Tianjin port 
  • The delivery  time : about 7 to 10 days 
  • Glass wool blanket for export with vacuum packing;   
  • Glass wool has excellent  rebound property , When reaches the destination will rebound almoust to the original level in 24 hours after been unpacked ;
  • The glass wool is bright yellow in colour,tasteless or feint insmell , and no-injurant to human body . it is excellent for heat insulation ; 
  • Our glass wool has excellent rebound property and biggest transportation loaded quality , With great credibility . 

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