huamei building thermal insulation mineral rock wool / glass wool board

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1 . The Kinds of Glass Wool Insulation

  • plain glass wool blanket
  • glass wool blanket with Aluminum foil -clad
  • glass wool board
  • glass wool batts
  • glass wool board with white PVC clad on one side
  • glass wool with KRAFT

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2 . The Packaging of Glass Wool Insulation

  • PP, PE white woven bags vacuumize packaging
  • Shrink  wrapping  packaging

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3 . The Loading Types of Glass Wool

  • the 40 foot container
  • the big truck
  • the customers special requirment


4. The Usage of Glass Wool

  • glass wool was used for building materials, and steel structure insulation
  • soundproof and fireproof used for wall and roof of house
  • Heat preservation for steel structure building
  • Heat Insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy
  • For indoor partition wall, Train compartment

Glass Wool Building Materials With CE

5 . The Certificate of Glass Wool Insulation

  • CE certificate by EU
  • ISO9001/ ISO14001/ ISO18001 certificate
  • SGS
  • BV certificate by alibaba
  • Australia NATA

Glass Wool Building Materials With CE

6 . The Index of Glass Wool Blanket and Board

Glass Wool Building Materials With CE

7 . Glass Wool Specifications and Type

Glass Wool Building Materials With CE

8 . Other Things

  • The payment term of glass wool: T/T , 30% advanced payment, before delivery all the goods , customers should pay for the rest of  account.
  • The delivery  port: Tianjin port
  • The delivery  time: about 7 to 10 days
  • Glass wool blanket for export with vacuum packing;
  • Glass wool has excellent  rebound property , When reaches the destination will rebound almoust to the original level in 24 hours after been unpacked;
  • The glass wool is bright yellow in colour,tasteless or feint insmell, and no-injurant to human body. it is excellent for heat insulation;
  • Our glass wool has excellent rebound property and biggest transportation loaded quality, With great credibility.
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