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  acoustic foam panels adhesive with cheap price

The regular size of the rubber foam sheet   

1. the thickness  of the rubber foam sheet  :  ≥10mm

2. the width  of  the rubber foam sheet  :  1m ~ 1.5m 

3. the length  of the rubber foam sheet   :  6m~30m 

Acoustic foam boardHuamei acoustic foam panelHuamei sound absorption boardHuamei acoustic foam board

1.  The types of  rubber foam  sheet 

1. rubber  foam sheet  can print youself  logo  

2. rubber foam sheet  with  self-adhesive  kraft 

3.rubber foam sheet  with  pure aluminium foil clad  on one side 

4. rubber foam sheet  wirh  aluminium foil on one side and  with self-adhesive on another side 




Our  company has more  than  30 productionlines   to produce  rubber foam heat insulation ,   and  we have  3 rubber foam factory , different  sizes and different  surface is all  available   for us !  

2.  The  Advantages  and Specifications

1. Excellent acoustic insulation  also can reduce noise and sound transmitting

2. Non-corrosive   , durable  and  flexable  

3. moisture resistant, fire resistant

4. good strength to resist deformation

5. Rubber Foam pipe and sheet  insulation factory 

6. Export with high reputation 

7. excellent thermal insulation–very low thermal conductivity coefficients

8. Via ISO, SGS qualification     and BS476,KS , UL,ASTM, FM certificate.    


3. Rubber Foam Technic Performance

Huamei acoustic board physical data

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