Product Description
Huamei Rubber Foam Insulation Performance Advantages:
1) Low thermal conductivity (λ factor)

Heat flow which, in static conditions, crosses the surface of a homogenous material. Thermal conductivity is a measurement of the ability

of a material to transmit heat. The lower the value λ of a material, the better the thermal insulation.

Our materials are suitable for applications ranging from -55 °C to +175 °C. The temperature range for each product is always indicated in the appropriate specification.
 Class 1  Class 0 EPDM Surpass the most strict quality
Certificate: CE/FM/UL/KS/ISO/RoHS/BS476/ASTM E84/ASTP/QESEn, etc.
4) Flexible & Ease to use

The ease of installation of our materials sets them apart from other products on the market. Due to its flexibility and elasticity,

HUAMEI-Flex elastomeric insulation is ideal for a variety of applications, such as: air conditioning ducts, pipes, elbows, valves, flanges, reservoirs, etc. 

5) Fire Behaviour

All our products are certified and supervised at major international laboratories which guarantee that they are self-extinguishing

in case of fire. Years of experience and international presence have allowed us to surpass even the strictest standards: FM, BS 476, ASTM E84,Class 1,Korea KS, etc.


Thickness:  6mm-40mm

Length: 8-30M

Width: 1m/1.2m/1.5m

Remark: We can also produce special size as customer requirement.


Picture Show


B1 sheet 001Class 0

                          Black Color Class1 Rubber Foam Roll                                                Grey Color Class 0 Rubber Foam Roll(FM Certificate)  


       EMPD HUAMEI Tercomflex Rubber Foam                                               Color Insulation Rubber Foam

Other  Products Series


                  Adhesive Rubber Tape                                                             White color choice

color rubber foam (2)1_

Exercise Used Rubber Foam Grip                                                              Color Rubber Foam Pipe


      Open Cell Acoustic Panel( KTV Used)                                           Self-adhesive Acoustic Egg Crate

Our company has more than 30 productionlines to produce rubber foam heat insulation, and we have 3 rubber foam factory,

 the different  sizes and different  surface is all  available for us !

  Any interest, don’t hesitate to contact us!  Welcome to visit our factory at anytime.







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