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superfine glass wool insulation board with Aluminum foil facing with CE

superfine glass wool insulation board with Aluminum foil facing with CE
superfine glass wool insulation board with Aluminum foil facing with CE
HUAMEI Glasswool Insulation / Fibreglass Insulation
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   Glasswool Insulation or Fibreglass Insulation  as it is also called, is a fibrous bulk insulation made from millions of tiny fibres of glass that are arranged into a blanket through the use of a binding agent. The process traps thousands of little pockets of air between the fibres. It is these pockets of air that give glasswool insulation its excellent insulating properties.  Because glasswool insulation has such good insulating properties and can be produced at very low cost, it is the most widely used insulation material in the construction industry in world wide.

 ♥  Glass wool insulation is produced in rolls or in slabs, with a variety of different thermal and mechanical properties to meet the complex needs of modern construction methods.In addition to having excellent insulation properties, glasswool insulation is also non combustible and very durable.

   Glasswool Insulation is soft to the touch but retains a high tensile strength and resembles a mass of matted wool fibres, hence the name.

Although exposure and handling of glasswool insulation can cause some mild irritation to the skin, this is purely mechanical in nature as an offshoot of the fibres strength and there is no evidence to suggest any long term skin irritation once the loose fibers are washed. Glasswool and rockwool do not cause dermatitis or any other skin conditions.

   Today, glasswool must be manufactured from what are called ‘Bio Soluble Fibres’, which essentially means they have a lower bio persistence than regular dust and have been extensively researched and found to have no adverse affect on health.  

HUAMEI Fiber Glass Wool Brief Introduction

Huamei plain glass wool blanket

Name: Plain glass wool blanket


Original: CHINA

1.Good heat-insulation and preservation,sound absorption and noise reduction;

2.Low thermal conductivity;

3.Damp-proof property;

3.A non-combustible fire-proof performance;

Name: FSK Foil-clad glass wool blanket
Original: CHINA
On the basic of plain glass wool blanket,this foil-clad series products have fine appearence and high intensity of tensile so as not to be destroyed.
Name: Black Fiberglass Tissue Veneer Faced Glass Wool
Original: CHINA

Vacuuming Package:

1.PP,PE woven , nylon bags outside and plastic bags inside    vacuumize packaging
2. As your special requirement;



More Information of Huamei Glass Wool/ Fiberglass Wool
                   1.Huamei Glass Wool Regular Specification

                   2.Technic Performance of Huamei fiberglass wool  

                   3.WHY CHOOSE HUAMEI?

1.Huamei Glass Wool Regular Specification
Glass Wool Blanket Specification Scope




Width:1.2M, 0.6M ( 430mm,580mm,1000mm,1150mm  is available)

Glass Wool Board Specification Scope





2.Technic Performance of Huamei fiber glass wool                                                     

Item Unit Index Standard
Density kg/m 10-96 GB/T 5480.3
Average fiber dia μm 5-8 GB/T 5480.4
Water content % ≤1 GB/T 16400-2003
Grade of combustibility Non-combustible Grade A GB/T 8624-2012
Reshrinking temp 250-400 GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductibility w/m·k 0.034-0.062 GB/T 10294
Hydrophobi % ≥98 GB/T 10299
Moisture rate % ≤5 GB/T 5480.7
Sound absorption coefficient



24kg/m³ 2000HZ

Slag inclusion content % ≤0.3 GB/T 5480.5


  • Glass wool blanket are widely used in industrial plants,warehouse,public facilities,exhibition centers,

    shopping centers,cold stores and a variety of indoor playground ,sports grounds and other buildings


  • Glass wool board is processed by putting the thermosetting binder into glass wool,by pressing, heating,curing,used for insulation,ventilation,ventilation ,adjustment of air-conditioner in commercial industry and residentialconstructions.


  • Heat-insulation and soud-absorption
  • Thermal stability
  • Lasting and excellent dampproof property
  • Excellent Fireproof performance
  • Non-poison


 Founded in 1999,we have more than 17 years professional experience;
 More than 15 production lines for glass wool production,and 3 glass wool factories;
 More than 20000 projects,and 10000 clients;
 More than 100 domestic and international certificates;
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